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We found these tapes just like having a tour guide in the car with you – only difference, you can always have a repeat of what was just said. Absolutely great. Please please make some more and encourage others to do the same around Australia – I would buy them.


These are just wonderful! What a superb idea! I was traveling solo across New Zealand and Australia for eight weeks, camping 5 of those weeks, and Alice Springs was one of the highpoints of my Australia stay in large part due to the availability of these CD’s. There was no way I could afford the expensive bus tours, and I like to do things at my own pace anyway. These are perfect for that! And if I miss something she says the first time, I can back up the disc and replay it again, unlike on a regular tour. I did both the tours and she helped me judge whether it would be worth it, given my limited time, to go down or skip a side road. I very much missed having her along when I went on to other parts of Australia. My only criticism would be that on occasion the background music was a bit distracting because it wasn’t turned low enough, but this wasn’t a big issue. I did have a rather noisy vehicle. In short, these are worth every penny and I am still enjoying them as I sort through and organize my photos now that I’m back in the US. Thank you Laurelle!

Deborah Johnson

What a novel and interesting idea to experience an area!! If I ever get the chance to travel out that way, I’ll definitely make a purchase!


Well researched and well presented – I was disappointed when it was over and had to go back to the CD’s!


As local Alice Springs residents, we have traversed the Western MacDonnell ranges many times in the past – self driving & also on organised tours. We purchased this cd & tried it out on our latest journey & what a revelation! We learnt so much & it was all delivered in an easy to follow guide, fantastic experts & beautiful delivery. A definate for your journey & we can’t wait to get the Uluru cd to make our next journey to the Rock!

Kim, Bryce & Dylan

I just love the drive tour to Glen Helen especially the bird calls and the information about the snakes from the desert park guide.


Highly recommended as a travelling companion and a souvenir of the trip. A huge improvement on the fumbling with guidebooks that have characterised our previous self-dirve trips – a joy to listen to and very colourful, with commentary, not just by Laurelle, but by local identities and experts. The West MacDonnells DIY Tourguide enriched our trip immeasurably. A trip to Ayers Rock with DIY is on the list for next time. Thanks!


The Alice Springs to Uluru DIY Audio Tour was the best travelling companion we’ve ever had! We listened intently enjoying the informative and interesting narrative not wanting to miss a thing. Perfectly produced for all ages too. We highly recommend it to anyone making this trip!

Lisa, Anthony, Sam & Will

These tours really made the car journey come alive for me. It’s like traveling with a friend who has all the good info. I also enjoyed having other local people talk about their stories.


Excellent information – most impressed with the commentry and information – so easy to use and listen too.
We have done both tours after picking up the CD’s at Alice Springs Markets – did the West MacDonnells and was so impressed went to Ayers Rock as well (which we were going to bypass on this trip as we have been before) DIY Tourguide really gave us a fresh look at the amazing Central Australian landscape, it’s people and it’s flora and fauna.
Recomend it immensly – so easy and cheap – looking forward to reliving our trip through the CD’s back in our loungeroom!!

Robyn and Ken

These tours are fantastic! I’ve been on tour with Laurelle and she has a wealth of information and makes it so interesting! The interviews with experts are great as well. Highly recommended.


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