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Check out our new iPhone & iPad app

Travelling with an iPhone or iPad? We now offer our West MacDonnell Ranges audio tour as an ‘app’ for your iPhone or iPad – the first audio tour app in Outback Australia. It is GPS triggered so the audio commentary comes on just at the right time while driving in your car, and includes easy navigation menus, a zoomable map, image galleries, and 80 minutes of fascinating information and stories about Central Australia. And the best thing is that you don’t even need internet access to make it work.

The ‘app’ plays audio commentary at a precise location over a distance of 150km along the Red Centre Way tourist drive – west of Alice Springs, and is packed with 80 minutes of fascinating information, travel suggestions, pictures and a map.

All you have to do is drive, and when you travel through each GPS location the app automatically alerts you to play the next track, with the commentary timed to tell you about places and attractions before you get there. You can stop where and when you like – your tour is up to you!

Click here to learn more about the content of the West MacDonnell Ranges audio tour.


  • Easy navigation menus
  • Zoomable area map
  • GPS trigger points for each audio track (no internet required)
  • 80 minutes high quality audio, backed by music
  • 12 tracks of informative, entertaining commentary
  • Bonus Track to Hermannsburg
  • Image gallery with over 60 images coincide with the area you are travelling through
  • Expert commentary developed by experienced professional tour guides


DIY Tourguide: West MacDonnell Ranges Self-drive Audio Travel GuideDIY TourguideTravel$ 26.99Download


  • Zoomable map and audio tracks for each GPS point you drive through.
  • Descriptions and images take you through 80 mins of audio commentary
  • Spectacular image gallery with easy navigation menus
  • Over 60 different images of the area you are travelling through
  • Zoomable map with GPS trigger points to activate the audio commentary.
  • Image gallery with images to coincide with each area you travel through.
  • Spectacular large screen images to relive your journey when you return home.