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Right in the heart of Australia, in the Red Centre, sits Australia’s most famous Outback town. Alice Springs and its spectacular surrounds offers a huge variety of experiences – you can learn about the early history of inland Australia, shop for Aboriginal art and artefacts, see unique desert wildlife, relax in an Outback pub, swim in a natural waterhole, or take a stunning walk through the ranges.

The drive tour from Alice Springs to Uluru includes insights from local cattle station owners, specialist flora and fauna guides and even a singing Dingo! If you are not interested in a particular topic, you can just skip that track and go onto the next. Your tour is up to you!

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This DIY Tourguide audio tour in CD format will take you on a 460km journey from Alice Springs to Uluru (Ayers Rock). It is a journey through billions of years in time, where remote landscapes hide a desert that is filled with life. Along the way there is much to see, do and learn.

This self-drive tour will take you from Alice Springs to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and includes 2 CDs.

  • Distance: 460km (286 miles)
  • Allow: 4-6 hours
  • Tour Audio: 2.5 hours
  • Bonus Track: Kings Canyon and Watarrka National Park

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Track 1 - Introduction

Get ready for your journey to Uluru, where you will hear about ancient landscapes, important historical events that helped shape Central Australia, Aboriginal culture, and much more. You will hear from some local Central Australian’s who work in the region and call this place home.

Track 2 - The Stuart Highway

Hear how over the last 100 years, Alice Springs has developed from an isolated outpost to become the thriving town it is today, including stories of adventurers and pioneers who travelled up and down the Stuart Highway, how we got power and water, and the nearby U.S. Defence facility.

Track 3 - Plants and Bushtucker of Central Australia

Discover how plants survive in the harsh conditions of desert Australia. Travel back 130 million years when Australia was a warm and muggy place, and how plants adapted to the evolving arid zone. You will hear about desert flora from a local Aboriginal guide and ‘feel’ the witchetty grub travel down your throat as he describes eating this unique bushtucker.

Track 4 - In the Footsteps of John McDouall Stuart

Learn how, in 1862, one man and his expedition party forged across the unknown, treacherous deserts of Australia to become the first to traverse the Australian continent from South to North. John McDouall Stuart’s journeys were some of the most important for Outback Australia.

Track 5 - Owen Springs to Stuarts Well (and Dinky the Singing Dingo)

Imagine a singing and piano playing Dingo. You can’t? Hearing is believing - on this Track you will meet Dinky the Dingo. Cross over the first of 8 cattle stations, hear about the Aboriginal rock art and carvings at Rainbow Valley and why you might stop for a 5 minute camel ride at the Camel Farm.

Track 6 - The Hugh River, Camels and Cannonball Run

Fasten your seatbelts, as you hear about the first legal Cannonball Run in the world – run on the Stuart Highway. Speed limits didn’t exist back then. Learn why our wild camels are such a valuable export trade, how they got here in the first place and the tireless Afghan camel workers.

Track 7 - The Mighty and the Ancient – Finke River, Meteorites and Fossils

Cross over what geologists believe is the oldest river course in the world – the Finke River. Hear how it was used by Aboriginal people as a trading route and by explorers as a lifeline. Discover ancient fossil beds exposing shelled marine animals and 5000 year old meteorite craters.

Track 8 - Construction of the Overland Telegraph Line

Hear about one of Australia’s greatest engineering feats – a 3000km long ‘singing wire’ that ended real isolation from the rest of the world. You will learn how this massive project was accomplished despite endless challenges, and how it lead to the naming of Alice Springs.

Track 9 - Beasts of Land and Road

A local pastoralist with 50 years experience on a Central Australian cattle station will share tales of how times have changed. Learn how mustering has evolved from horseback to helicopter and how the internet is used for cattle auctions. And get the low down on roadtrains; icons of the Territory.

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Track 1 - The Lasseter Highway - The Legend of Harold Lasseter’s Lost Gold

Find out how one mans search for an outback gold reef has created a legend that has not faded to this day. The elusive reef has never been found, and fortune seekers are still looking. This track is a rollicking tale of how Harold Lasseter’s antics eventually left him to die alone in the desert.

Track 2 - Birds of Central Australia

Open your senses with the sound of raucous cockatoos, zebra finches, owls and the whistling kite – all inside your car! Learn how desert birds have adapted with sleek feathers and scaly legs with a specialist bird keeper, and be inspired by the mighty Wedge Tailed Eagle.

Track 3 - Mammals of Central Australia

A specialist guide will tell you about the importance of animal tracking in Aboriginal culture. Be sure to look for the tell-tale tracks on the desert floor! Also learn about dingoes, wallabies, the marsupial mole and the locally extinct Mala, which features in the dreaming story of the Northern face of Uluru.

Track 4 - Early Exploration and Outback Communication

Hear stories of the early explorers who carved out history, including the discovery of the huge salt lake system near Uluru. Learn how telecommunications systems are adapted to suit the remote desert environment and perhaps make a stop at the Mt Ebenezer Station Aboriginal art gallery.

Track 5 - Reptiles of Central Australia

Learn why one habitat in Central Australia has the largest concentration of reptiles in the world. From the comfort of your car, get to know the ins and outs of lizards, snakes, dragons, frogs and two favourites of visitors to the region – the Thorny Devil and Perentie Lizard, as told by a specialist reptile keeper.

Track 6 - A Changing Landscape - Sand Dunes and the Timeless Desert Oak

Did you know that sand dunes cover 80% of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park? Learn why they are useful in the desert and how big they get to, and about the self-regulating ancient Desert Oak tree which shuts itself down in times of drought.

Track 7 - Is it Uluru? Mt Connor and the Amadeus Salt Lakes

Discover why just 100km or so from Uluru, there exists a near replica. On closer inspection not all is what it seems. Find out about the 4,700 square kilometer salt lake system that lies just over the ridge and hear from a cattle station owner who has been working the land for 50 years.

Track 8 - The Last Leg - Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park

Well, you are almost there! The special country you are about to enter will teach you about the deep spirituality of Aboriginal culture, you will come face to face with all the power of nature, and you will discover a world that is older, greater and deeper than ours. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Track 9 - Kings Canyon and Watarrka National Park (Bonus Track)

Are you planning a visit to Kings Canyon? You are in for a treat! There is so much to take in on this 3-4 hour, 6km walk that it makes sense to prepare yourself beforehand. Learn about its rare plants, beehive domes, the Garden of Eden, its spiritual significance to Aboriginal people and how its unique places got their names.


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5 reviews for Alice Springs to Uluru (2_CDs)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Robyn and Ken

    Excellent information – most impressed with the commentry and information – so easy to use and listen too.
    We have done both tours after picking up the CD’s at Alice Springs Markets – did the West MacDonnells and was so impressed went to Ayers Rock as well (which we were going to bypass on this trip as we have been before)
    DIY Tourguide really gave us a fresh look at the amazing Central Australian landscape, it’s people and it’s flora and fauna.
    Recomend it immensly – so easy and cheap – looking forward to reliving our trip through the CD’s back in our loungeroom!!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lisa, Anthony, Sam & Will

    The Alice Springs to Uluru DIY Audio Tour was the best travelling companion we’ve ever had! We listened intently enjoying the informative and interesting narrative not wanting to miss a thing. Perfectly produced for all ages too. We highly recommend it to anyone making this trip!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Kim, Bryce & Dylan

    As local Alice Springs residents, we have traversed the Western MacDonnell ranges many times in the past – self driving & also on organised tours. We purchased this cd & tried it out on our latest journey & what a revelation! We learnt so much & it was all delivered in an easy to follow guide, fantastic experts & beautiful delivery. A definate for your journey & we can’t wait to get the Uluru cd to make our next journey to the Rock!

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Deborah Johnson

    These are just wonderful! What a superb idea! I was traveling solo across New Zealand and Australia for eight weeks, camping 5 of those weeks, and Alice Springs was one of the highpoints of my Australia stay in large part due to the availability of these CD’s. There was no way I could afford the expensive bus tours, and I like to do things at my own pace anyway. These are perfect for that! And if I miss something she says the first time, I can back up the disc and replay it again, unlike on a regular tour. I did both the tours and she helped me judge whether it would be worth it, given my limited time, to go down or skip a side road. I very much missed having her along when I went on to other parts of Australia. My only criticism would be that on occasion the background music was a bit distracting because it wasn’t turned low enough, but this wasn’t a big issue. I did have a rather noisy vehicle. In short, these are worth every penny and I am still enjoying them as I sort through and organize my photos now that I’m back in the US. Thank you Laurelle!

    • Laurelle

      Hi Deborah – thanks very much for the great review! We are glad the CD commentary helped you plan where you would stop along the way, and especially glad that you can relive your memories of your trip with the CD in the United States! We have more tours coming out this year throughout the NT and Top End if you ever make it back this way. regards, DIY Tourguide.

      • Deborah Johnson

        Glad to hear that. I didn’t get to see anything else in the NT and I certainly want to come back. If there’ll be a DIY Tour to do it with, that will give it priority. But don’t stop with the NT! There’s a lot of Australia I still have left to see. Much continued success with these. Deb

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    We found these tapes just like having a tour guide in the car with you – only difference, you can always have a repeat of what was just said. Absolutely great. Please please make some more and encourage others to do the same around Australia – I would buy them.

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