Part 2: Pipe-cleaners or pipe-dream? Keeping the kids entertained on a long Outback drive.

Pipe-cleaners or pipe-dream? Taking the kids 2,500 across the Outback means packing a lot of pipe-cleaners. And paddle-pop sticks. And stickers. And videos and audiobooks to rival a TV and radio station! Katherine Seddon shares her entertainment preparation for the long drive. We follow her family as they make the journey through the far reaches of Central Australia and Western Australia.

If you missed Katherine’s first installment just before she left visit here. Katherine is a mother of three cute ratbags, an ENJO lover, wife and desert dweller. She likes sharing leaf tea with friends, camping and coming home for a hot shower.

Part 2:

I’m assuming boredom is going to be our enemy. Having not taken our kids on an Outback car trip longer than four hours, it is all guess work. I have packed more things for the kids to do than clothes for me.

I am armed with more kids activity books than a bookshop, play dough, stickers, fake tattoos, paddle pop sticks with Velcro spots for building and attaching and whatever else, Band-Aids (are you getting a sense of my desperation), craft boxes, stickers, pipe-cleaners, the iPad loaded with kids apps, a DVD player, maybe 80 DVDs, stickers, Octons, Connect-a-Straws, Uno, stickers, Slamwich, cards, stickers,  audiobooks, music. And that’s just the fun and games.

As we all know, eating is a great way to kill time in the car. Best advice so far has been to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the car. Use breaks for running around and going to the toilet. I love this idea, hoping it is going to be a lifesaver. On the advice of a friend, I bought up big on the pre-packaged snacks like rice crackers and tiny teddies and these weird pony biscuits that my four-year-old badgered me into getting. Once my kids find out these things exist, I don’t think some dry corn thins in their lunch boxes will cut it anymore. Oh well, that is in my post-Perth life and as far as I’m concerned, that is a place that does not exist right now.

I keep saying to anyone who will listen (which is strangely rapidly diminishing), that I know there will be hard moments and we will all get frustrated, but overall I think it is going to be great. And I do, I really do think it will be great. I just don’t know that I will think it is great while we are on the holiday itself.  Perhaps after, once we are home again, while the kids are asleep, having a quiet glass of wine while reminiscing over the photos, perhaps then I will think about how awesome and what an amazing opportunity it was.

Next update: Who knows? Katherine will tell us how it is all going when she enters a world of phone and internet access once again!

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