Part 4: Crossing the NT/WA border along the stunning Outback Way. Did I mention the flies?

We follow Katherine Seddon and her family as they make the 2,500km journey through the far reaches of Central Australia and Western Australia. Katherine is a mother of three cute ratbags, an ENJO lover, wife and desert dweller. She likes sharing leaf tea with friends, camping and coming home for a hot shower. If you missed Katherine’s previous instalment visit here. 

Part 4: Leaving Docker River, NT

Day 2 – Did I mention the flies? They were horrendous, it was such a relief to get into the car. Flies and heat really make everything irritating, so it almost didn’t matter what the kids did, it drove me nuts. The lesson from today: don’t wait till the morning to get the car activities organised and pack up, it has to be done the night before!

But once in the car things picked up. Acutely aware we didn’t have a spare tyre, we drove very, very carefully to the nearest roadhouse, merely a couple of hundred kilometres and another state away. We drove into the great state of Western Australia and arrived at Warakurna roadhouse to the joyful news that they did have a spare tyre in the right size. Sure we had to sell our kidneys to buy it, but well worth it I think.

It took a couple of locals a few hours to get the tyre onto the rim, but we eventually got back on the road. We had a great afternoon drive. I’d been worried that the drive would be boring because there were no real towns along the way (thinking of the drive from Alice Springs to Uluru) but it was really amazing how much the terrain changed along the Outback Way. It was so beautiful. We found a spot to camp just off the side of the road called Desert Surf Breakaway. It was like a proper campground, but of course without any facilities, but there were lots of lovely spots to set up the tent.

There’s something about a road trip that is inherently satisfying, in the way that a day at home with the kids is often not. So while I still may end the day abut grumpy having spoken harshly to the kids more than I would have liked, at least at the end of the day I can turn to my husband and say, well, we travelled into a new state today, or good to have covered half the country today.

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